Ekklesia is an inclusive faith community, encouraging us to keep moving forward on our own path to God.

Greek [ehk-leh-see-uh] in Christian theology means both a particular body of faithful people, and the whole body of the faithful.

We seek closeness to God through judgement-free and agenda-free inclusive community. We are united in our belief in god and support each other wherever we are on our faith journeys. We come from different faith traditions and spiritual walks—and we welcome all who want to build a bridge to God. Our ecumenical circle respects and celebrates our differences, and We share, listen and encourage with and because of each other.

Too often concrete thinking builds barriers to growth and acceptance. Ekklesia seeks to provide a loving space to share, encourage and inspire you wherever you are on your journey closer to God. the core of our gatherings are small group "circles" where we can be our authentic selves, speak our truth, and listen to others to inform our own paths. Together let’s make the most of the Divine nature that is within all of us.


“I am giving you a new command.
You must love each other,
just as I have loved you. “
John 13:34 (CEV)

Ekklesia operates on guiding principles with LOVE foremost.

Faith begins with loving ourselves.  Some find this difficult, but in Ekklesia you can begin to see all as God’s beautiful creation.  Learning from each other to open ourselves to loving oneself is perhaps a life-long process.  We welcome all radically, and encourage all to seek God’s help.

Faith should be unifying. Too often our faith, traditions, language, assumptions and fears isolate us from our neighbor, whether next-door or around the world. Ekklesia believes there are multiple ways to commune with God, and we love and respect those who know God differently.

Explore our tenets that seek to build a world of loving kindness through inclusion and diversity.  Be good to yourself, your partner, your family.
Be good to others and do good in the world.
Welcome all.  Avoid hate, anger, jealously and negative emotions.  Find your path to God.
Inspire others to seek God. Find Joy and share it.

We are seeking ways to heal, serve and nurture the world.

These are just a few of the ways Ekklesia aims to be a catalyst for positive change:

  • Provide a Safe Space for Those Wounded by Religion

  • Foster and Empower Leaders

  • Counter Hate with Acts of Goodness

  • Replace Inequality with Opportunity

  • Create A Platform for Productive Dialogue

  • Seek Common Ground Across The Spectrum of Belief and Culture

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