Founders Message

Michelle King Beech


There are times in our lives when we either seek out deeper spiritual growth, or we simply long to be among those who have the spiritual maturity and selflessness to love all those they encounter—and you being that beneficiary.

Throughout my life I’ve felt God calling me into ministry; but each time I ignored it.  I would deny that it was God’s call—“It’s just what you’re used to from growing up a preacher’s kid,” or “now that you’ve lived through THAT you just think you can relate or be more compassionate. That’s not God calling. That’s your ego.” The reason I’m answering the call now is simple.  It feels like the right time.  I long for a deeper relationship with God and to follow that path in a safe, judgment-free community of faith.

Everywhere I turn people hunger for community but without the trappings of church.  I hear people’s desire to get closer to God but not at the exclusion of others, or their differences.  I see frustration in our country posted on social media, and hear yearning for authenticity, openness and inclusion in coffee shops and wine bars.  Yes, I frequent both!

I was taught “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus” was to be honored…  even celebrated.  I feel blessed that I come to Ekklesia without harboring any ill will from church failings.  Being raised in loving churches with supportive congregations, who took Jesus’ call to serve others seriously, shaped me to believe that together we can build a meaningful faith community.

Actively listening in order to understand another’s story and perspective is just the start—Not to debate, but to inform our own journeys.  I believe where transformation happens in us is when we are vulnerable and open to learning from each other’s experiences that might just help us on our own path to God.

I welcome you into this community of faithful people.  It is my prayer that you be transformed by love, as I have been.

– Michelle

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