EKKLESIA is a movement bringing faithful people together to

  • Love God, Each Other & Self Unconditionally
  • Embrace All Seeking a Path to God
  • Protect & Honor Our “No Judgment” Space
  • Actively Listen to Understand & Celebrate Our Differences
  • Respect Multiple Journeys to God & Those Who Know God Differently
  • Inspire Others on Their Path
  • Seek Joy & Share It
  • Be A Catalyst for Positive Change


EKKLESIA provides an inclusive, judgment-free space for sharing ones authentic self and to learn from and be encouraged by our neighbors’ faith experiences. 

This is a safe space for a spiritual journey—sharing, encouraging, supporting and inspiring each other wherever we are on our paths to God. We believe faith enriches authentic relationships with others and in turn, intimacy and vulnerability deepen and strengthen us for the journey. Together we seek ways to heal, serve and nurture the world. Through radical hospitality, complete authenticity, and thoughtful diversity, EKKLESIA is a movement dedicated to making the most of the Divine nature within all of us.


It is Ekklesia’s vision that all seeking God would find their path and be inspired to never stop growing in faith.

EKKLESIA supports the collecting, sharing and celebrating the best of our individual faith experiences. We gather with no singular theology or tradition, but actively listening and learning from each other and with the added support of a team of spiritual leaders, also from multiple faiths and traditions, in order to grow closer to God.

EKKLESIA seeks God in all things, and waits for the Spirit’s guidance. We recognize the motivations for our response must be Spirit-­‐led, not self-­‐driven; and our words and actions build bridges, rather than divide or exclude. Each individual embraces their own unique gifts and shares those in a spirit of servanthood.

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