Rev. Bruce Frogge

still considers himself a Cornhusker even though he left Nebraska when he was 18 years old. He currently lives in Spring, Texas, with Donna (wife) and Zachariah (son). When Bruce isn’t goofing off with his family, he tries to give leadership at Cypress Creek Christian Church. Prior to moving to Texas, Bruce guided two church revitalization projects. In Kansas City, he helped Hillside Christian Church grow its worship attendance from 160 to 340, but more importantly, the church moved from an inward and protectionist attitude to a missional identity. In 2006, Bruce moved to Naples, Florida, to assist First Christian Church in the relaunching of its ministry. A congregation with a heavy debt load and a worship attendance of just 38, FCC of Naples made a dramatic shift by transforming its old survivalist mentality and selling its 40-year-old facility. It did so while also tripling its worship attendance. FCC of Naples is now a nimble congregation that is blowing and going with exciting ministry. Bruce does a daily devotional called Ecclesiological Etchings, and can be found at or

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